Children & Youth

An important part of Sunday worship.

Acolytes are the service participants who carry the crosses, candles, and other items in procession, and who help in a number of important ways throughout the service.

This is an opportunity for church members young and old (between the ages of 9 and 99!) to develop a sense of reverence and understanding for the tradition and beauty entwined in the Episcopal Celebration. Participants choosing to serve at the altar will learn a variety of different jobs and duties that are essential in the church service, including Torch Bearers, Crucifers, Servers/Eucharistic Ministers, and Thurifers. The service of acolytes is mentioned as early as 252 A.D. in a letter of Pope Cornelius.  The service of acolytes became more known in the Middle Ages when candles started to appear on the altars and the acolytes lighted the candles.  Time commitment is approximately once a month.  Connect your soul to God through an effort of true humility and service while serving Jesus.

Becoming an acolyte is a great way to get involved and to learn more about Episcopal worship.

Acolyte service is open to anyone age 8 or above (including 'seasoned' citizens). Periodic mandatory training sessions are required.

Contact Acolyte Leader Beth Mullen by email (elizabeth.mullen07 [at] hotmail [dot] com), or phone at 290-4250 .


Guidelines for Parish Acolytes

Hey acolytes! Everything you need to know about this important job is in Trinity's Guidelines for Parish Acolytes.

From procession diagrams to common terms used by the verger and priests, it's all in there. (Don't know what a verger is? That's in there, too!) Just click the link below to download a pdf of the guide.

Download Guidelines for Parish Acolytes.