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Rev Kathy Monson Lutes

The Rev. Kathy Monson Lutes


The Rev. Kathy Monson Lutes, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, priest. The work God has called me to is to equip and empower followers of Jesus for the mission of carrying God's healing and reconciliation into the world. For the most recent twelve years I have been the Rector (Pastor) at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Rapid City, South Dakota. Previously, I served two churches in the Minneapolis area. I attended the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, TX. Previous to seminary, I worked at and attended St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Minneapolis, where I was the Faith Formation coordinator. I worked with people of all ages, birth to death, as most of us do in small congregations. I attended the College of St. Catherine and was awarded the Master of Theology (MAT). My undergraduate work was at the University of Minnesota, and I was awarded the Bachelor of Science in Education.

My ministry is shaped by welcoming children as full participants in the body of Christ, and trusting them with things and moments of great value during worship. I teach them, and all who come with a yearning heart, that church is a place where they are safe and loved, and that they are a vital part of every moment of prayer, praise, joy, and sorrow, and they are sent out to be God's beloved in the world.

I came to the Episcopal church about one year after my husband and I were married. We had both been shaped and formed in the church, I was Catholic, my husband Evangelical Free Church. We were looking for an expression of our faith that was a middle way, and we found it at the Episcopal church. Not long after being received in the Episcopal church, I was engaged in conversation with my priest about becoming a priest myself. That didn't seem to be my path at that time, although my husband would tell you that he knew I would be ordained when he met me, and my mother would tell you that I told her when I was about eight years old that I would be a priest someday. How does a little Catholic girl come up with such thoughts? After having our two boys, we all decided I could no longer say no to this very apparent call from God to serve God's people and God's church as a priest. We, and I say we because my husband and children are most certainly part of this journey, said yes to God and to the church, and from there we moved to Austin TX to live and attend three years of seminary. They were very intense, exciting, and growthful years. From there, we returned to Minnesota and I served in two congregations before saying yes to the call to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Rapid City, South Dakota.

While at St. Andrew's, I was the recipient of the Lily Endowment Grant for Clergy Wellness, an honor indeed, and as a family we were able to travel together to visit my ancestral homeland in Norway, my husband and I continued our travels together through Europe, and by myself I traveled in the UK, spending time on the island of Iona, in Scotland.

We are excited to begin ministry in Janesville, at Trinity Episcopal Church. It represents a new chapter in our lives, and an exciting transition for the people of Trinity, the community of Janesville, and all those who will seek out a life following Jesus in the Episcopal church. I bring my own passion for Faith Formation, equipping God's people for the work that God calls us to. And I am excited to be a part of the good work that the people of Trinity are already about, especially the wonderful G.I.F.T.S. ministry.

You may reach Rev. Kathy at email(rev.kathy [at] trinityjanesville [dot] org)