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Online Directory
We also maintain an online directory to assist parishioners in contacting each other. You can follow this link to access the password-protected directory.

If you have forgotten your password or have never received one, you can email the church office(mail [at] trinityjanesville [dot] org).


Updated Membership Info Needed 
We’re publishing a new Committee Guide and Parish Directory. This is not a pictorial directory, but will include information about the life of the parish and a membership directory. We want your information to be listed correctly. 

  • Have you moved? 
  • Changed your phone number? 
  • Stopped using your landline number? 
  • Changed emails? 
  • Have your grown children moved and have their own addresses? Please contact Linda Waters (mail [at] trinityjanesville [dot] org) with your correct info!
Advertising Opportunity!
This guide book and directory is being provided: 
  • At NO COST to the church or its members, including the mailing to each family. 
  • It will be subsidized by local businesses that advertise in it. 
  • If you own or manage a business and would like to find out about advertising in our book, please contact Linda Waters (mail [at] trinityjanesville [dot] org) for more information.



Pictorial Directory
Every few years, we complete an updated parish pictorial directory. Every member of the parish gets a copy.


If you'd like one please call or email the church office (mail [at] trinityjanesville [dot] org)

The parish directory is a vital resource for so many functions of the parish... we hope you'll make time to be included in the next update!