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Pledging 2017

Pledging 2017

A Note from Frank Scott, Stewardship Chair
  • Giving is God's Story. The sacrifice of Jesus is the ultimate story of giving. Giving of our means is a vital act of learning God's love for us by emulation of this story, and to do our part in caring for creation.
  • Giving is Our Story. Our community of faith that is The Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Milwaukee, and Trinity Episcopal are all connected in a great story of giving to care for humanity: working for the advancement of knowledge, the relief of suffering, and showing Christ's love for all.
  • Giving is Your Story. Your sharing supports this parish's work as an institution of God's care. But stewardship is also a ministry to ourselves, as we learn to understand and to appreciate all that we have been given, by giving some of it back.

What do you want your story of giving to be? You can turn in your share card now, or share online at

God Bless,