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Your gifts. Your parish.

All Trinity's offerings would not be possible without the countless volunteers who give of themselves to make our glorious worship and vital programs happen. Please consider volunteering your time or gifts helping one or more of these groups with their important missions.


Small groups are vital to the life of any church. Whatever name we give them they are the "cells" that make up a healthy body if they are nourishing the needs of the people of the body of Christ. At Trinity Church we continue to form small groups where visitor and members can get to know each other in a safe, informal atmosphere. Members will usually align with groups along the demographics of age, education and purpose. Currently the majority of our groups use a study/discussion format that provide a scripture lesson and questions. Other groups meet for prayer such as our Contemplative Prayer group and the service of Compline. Please see our website for more information.

Acolytes and Other Servers

Start on the pathway to God when your feet are yet small and innocent.

This is an opportunity for church members young and old (between the ages of 9 and 99!) to develop a sense of reverence and understanding for the tradition and beauty entwined in the Episcopal Celebration. Participants choosing to serve at the altar will learn a variety of different jobs and duties that are essential in the church service, including Torch Bearers, Crucifers, Servers, and Thurifers. Connect your soul to God through an effort of true humility and service.

To volunteer call Michael DeRubeis at 757-1611, Beth Mullen at 314-0226, or the church office at 754-3402.

Altar Guild

The "mystery" behind the Altar unfolds to those who volunteer.

The sanctuary and spirituality of the sacristy is where the Altar Guild assists with the heart and soul of the services. Altar Guild service is a privileged discipline, a service of love, and an offering of time to assist the clergy in .behind the scenes. activities necessary for the efficient function of worship. An integral part of the guild is to make sure the linens are cleansed, the sacramental bread is made, and the wine is ready. Volunteering with the Altar Guild will touch your life forever and truly make you a part of the Trinity Celebration.

Call Paula DeRubeis (754-8128) if you are interested.

Cross Dusters

Glamour is in the eye of the beholder.

There are few things more special in the eyes of a .Cross Duster. than the special sweatshirt that is given to the members of this team! If you love the Church as you love your home..if you feel pride in making sure that God's house is beautiful to behold.then Cross Dusters is for you. We clean, we laugh, we sing.all in service to the Lord. The more the merrier!

To volunteer call Bill Bostwick (741-7427) or Gene DeRubeis (754-8128).


Everyone Cooperating to Help Others.

E.C.H.O. is a community emergency social service program which is supported by 36 member churches, other corporate and community funds, and some funding from federal sources.

E.C.H.O. has served over 26,000 people in the last year by providing food, clothing, and household items at the Annex (located at Trinity Church). The organization also provides many other forms of assistance and volunteers are always needed. to pack food orders at the main E.C.H.O. office or to help sort and distribute items in the E.C.H.O. Annex here at Trinity. Volunteers also provide a free meal at noon on the last Saturday of each month at Trinity's Ortmayer Hall.

For more information about becoming involved, call the E.C.H.O. office at 754-5333 or Trinity Church representatives Anne Wanke at 757-1246 or Betty Gilbert at 756-4682.

Flower Guild

"Consider the lilies of the field." Luke 12:27

Arranging flowers for the .Glory of God. is the privileged task of the Flower Guild. Working with flowers and plants we adorn the reredos and other parts of the church with arrangements donated by parishioners in celebration of Family, Friends, and Loved Ones. The guild members plan more extensive arrangements and decorations for Easter and Christmas festivals and other special occasions. If you are interested in volunteering for this guild (or just inquiring about its activities), please contact Sue Whitford at 752-0444 or Sharon Williams at 756-1611.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors, and Readers

But in all things, we consider ourselves ministers of God, by the word of truth, by the power of righteousness. 2 Cor. 6:4, 7

Have you ever wanted to participate more actively in the Sunday Eucharist than you can while sitting in a pew in the congregation? Trinity offers you three opportunities.

Participate actively in the Sunday service by assisting the clergy at the altar and administering the chalice as a Lay Eucharistic Minister. To volunteer or to obtain more information, contact Linda at 754-3402 or

Allow those who are no longer able to attend church on Sunday to participate in the Eucharist by taking the consecrated bread and wine to them directly after the service. To volunteer or to obtain more information, contact Linda at 754-3402 or

Proclaim the word of the Lord by reading the Scripture lessons to the congregation and leading them in the Psalm. No special qualifications are needed beyond the desire to speak out and share the Bible readings with others. Training is available. Please contact the church secretary at 754-3402 if you would like to be on the list of readers for the Scripture lessons.

Meals on Wheels

If making someone smile is your thing, Meals on Wheels is a good fit for you.

This program is coordinated through area physicians, their patients, and the kitchen at Mercy Hospital. Folks unable to cook for themselves or to go out shopping for healthy meals may have this service scheduled. Volunteers pick up the meals at Mercy Hospital and deliver them according to pre-mapped routes. Delivering meals can make a difference not only in the physical lives of folks receiving them.but in their spiritual lives as well!

Twice each year Trinity Church volunteers take our turn for two weeks of making deliveries. Routes vary, but most routes can be completed in just over an hour. If you enjoy short road trips and helping others, give this a try. Serve others. Visit, sing along with your radio, and join the fun. We always need a few more helpful hands. Adults and children are welcome. To volunteer or ask about this outreach, call Marty Scott at 756-1499.

OSL - International Order of St. Luke

International Order of St. Luke the Physician is a Christian healing and fellowship ministry of lay people and clergy from all walks of life to include medical professionals who believe that the healing ministry of Jesus Christ is present today.

In addition to those arriving at the communion rail for healing anointment on Sundays a team of two OSL volunteers provide individual healing prayer for those who wish, at church, home, and hospitals. Third Sunday of each month Trinity’s Prayer Team offers healing prayers for individuals in the chapel following the 9:30 service. Prayers and requests are kept confidential.

What can you expect? You will be received by 2 members of the Prayer Team. They will ask what you would like Jesus to do for you and if they may touch (lay hands on) you. There will be a time of praying softly as we call upon the Holy Spirit and Jesus to be present with us in our prayers. The Prayer Team will then begin to pray for your specific need or concern. Your part is to receive the love and healing power of Jesus and believe that God wants you to be well and whole. Many people feel a deep sense of peace and comfort.

Courses are offered as desired and monthly recurring training/meetings (open to all) are often conducted on third Sunday of each month.

OSL web site is Gail Nirva Heiting is the facilitator of the course/training. Feel free to contact Tom Heiting or Gail at Ph. 608 756 3059 or .

Trinity Church Choir

Sing aloud to God our strength. Raise a song and strike the Timbrel. Ps. 81:1, 3

What could be more rewarding than the creation of music in God's house? Trinity's Choir is made up of fifteen to twenty musicians who rehearse every Sunday before church from September through May and who sing at the second service. Membership is open to all who enjoy singing and who are willing to make the commitment to rehearse every week. We endeavor to sing a variety of musical styles from Renaissance through contemporary music and are fortunate to have several parishioners whose music we have often performed.

A highlight of every year is The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, a special program presented by the choir on the last Sunday of Advent. Contact Thelma Wilcox at 756-5188 if you are interested in making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Trinity Prayer Chain

"Pray for one another." James 5:16

Trinity Church has a team of fifteen 'prayer warriors' who daily pray the prayer requests given to the prayer chain. If you have a prayer request (for either this prayer chain team or a prayer to be included in Sunday morning's Prayers of the People), please call the church secretary to make your request (754-3402). If you would like to join the prayer chain team members in their daily prayers, your help would be very welcome. Please give the church secretary your name and tell her you wish to join the team.

Trinity Prayer Garden

In returning and rest we shall be saved. Is. 30:15

Our garden is more than a memorial to those who have touched our lives. It is part of our living church at 419 E. Court Street. Outdoor services are conducted here, and all are welcome to use our space for prayer or a quiet lunch.

Do you love to dig in the dirt? Or do you enjoy deadheading and watering on calm summer evenings? Come join us in the prayer garden at Trinity Church. We have a quiet spot in the middle of our busy city, convenient to anyone looking for a respite from this noisy world.

We are looking for volunteers to help from 'spring cleanup' through 'putting the gardens to bed' in the fall. Please call Marty Scott (756-1499) to add your name to our schedule.

The Ushers and Greeters

To welcome others into the House of the Lord is a wondrous thing.

Whose face do we see when we step into God's house? Whose smile comforts all that call themselves our brothers and sisters in Christ? The Greeters and the Ushers!

We need people to welcome the children of God into the capture their hearts and turn them over to God's spiritual kingdom on earth. A small job with huge rewards!

To volunteer call Warren Smith at 752-9781.

The Vestry

Let a man so consider us as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. 1 Cor. 4:1

The heart of the Church's administration, the Vestry must analyze all needs and desires of the congregation and try to balance desires with cost effectiveness. To keep the core organizations blending and functioning together like a finely tuned instrument while still doing God's work is a never-ending challenge. We need a 'few good men and women' who have a desire to make a difference here at Trinity!

For further information regarding Vestry positions call the Church Office at 754-3402.